Selected Publications

JCR Publications

15. Compression principle and Zipf’s Law of brevity in infochemical communication. A. Hernández-Fernández and IG Torre. Biology Letters, 2022; 18(7).

14. Evaluating Novel Speech Transcription Architectures on the Spanish RTVE2020 Database. A. Alvarez, H. Arzelus, IG Torre and AG Docasal. Applied Sciences, 2022; 12(4), 1889.

13. Cascade or direct speech translation? A case study. T. Etchegoyhen, H. Arzelus, H. Gete, A. Alvarez, IG Torre, JMM Doñas, AG Docasal and EB Fernandez. Applied Sciences, 2022; 12(3), 1097.

12. Speech pause distribution as an early marker for Alzheimer's disease. P. Pastoriza, IG Torre, F. Diéguez, I. Gómez, S. Gelado, J. Bello, A. Ávila, J. Matías, V. Pytel and Hernández-Fernández. Speech Communication, 2022; 136, 107-117.

11. Improving aphasic speech recognition by using novel semi-supervised learning methods on AphasiaBank for English and Spanish. IG Torre, M. Romero and A. Álvarez. Applied Sciences, 2021; 11(19):8872

10. Can Menzerath’s law be a criterion of complexity in communication? IG Torre, Ł. Dębowski and A. Hernández-Fernández. PLoS ONE, 2021. 16(8): e0256133

9. MULTIFRAC: An ImageJ plugin for multiscale characterization of 2D and 3D stack images . IG Torre, R. J. Heck and AM Tarquis. SoftwareX, 2020, 12, 100574.

8. Scaling properties of binary and greyscale images in the context of X-ray soil tomography. IG Torre, JJM Sotoca, JC Losada, P López and AM Tarquis. Geoderma, 2020, 365, 114205.

7. Linguistic laws in speech: the case of Catalan and Spanish. A Hernandez-Fernandez, IG Torre, JM Garrido and L Lacasa. Entropy, 2019, 21(12), 1153.

6. On the physical origin of linguistic laws and lognormality in speech. IG Torre, B Luque, L Lacasa, CT Kello and A Hernandez-Fernandez. Royal Society Open Science, 2019, 6: 191023.

5. Multifractal analysis of 3D images of tillage soil. IG Torre, JC Losada, R Heck, and AM Tarquis. Geoderma, 2018, 311, 167-174.

4. Emergence of linguistic laws in human voice. IG Torre, B Luque, L Lacasa, J Luque, and A Hernández-Fernández. Scientific Reports, 2017, 7, 43862.

3. Multiscaling properties of soil images. IG Torre, JC Losada, and AM Tarquis. Biosystems Engineering, 2016, 168, 133-141.

2. Does network complexity help organize Babel’s library? JP Cárdenas, IG Torre, G Vidal, and MA Fuentes. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 2016, 447:188–198.

1. Phase transitions in number theory: From the birthday problem to Sidon sets. B Luque, IG Torre, and L Lacasa. Physical Review E, 2013, 88(5):052119.

Peer review proceedings and other peer review papers

3. The Vicomtech Speech Transcription Systems for the Albayzín-RTVE 2020 Speech to Text Transcription Challenge. A. Álvarez, H. Arzelus, IG Torre and A. González-Docasal. (2021)

2. Is speech a self-organized critical signal? IG Torre, O Artime, A Hernandez-Fernandez and B Luque. Interdisciplina 8(20). (2020)

1. Feasibility study for visibility algorithms implementation in surface texture characterization. A Sanz-Lobera, IG Torre, J Rodríguez, and B Luque. Procedia Engineering, 132:816–823. (2015)

Chapter books

1. Scaling Characteristics of Soil Structure. AM Tarquis, IG Torre, JJ Martín-Sotoca, JC Losada, JB Grau, NRA Bird and A. Saa-Requejo. Pedometrics, 155.

Doctoral dissertation

Criticalidad, fenómenos de umbral y leyes lingüísticas en el habla. UPM (2019). Highest qualification with honors: "Extraordinary PhD Award", "Summa Cum Laude" and "International Mention".