Iván G. Torre

Researcher at Vicomtech

Adjunct Profesor at UOC (MSc in Data Science)

Adjunct Profesor at UNIR (MSc in AI and MSc in Mathematical Engineering and CS)

Artificial Intelligence researcher at Vicomtech and Adjunct Profesor at Universidad Oberta de Catalunya and at UNIR. I completed my PhD in Physics of Complex Systems at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid obtaining the extraordinary PhD award. During that time I was Fulbright-Schuman grantee at University of California Merced, DAAD grantee in Johannes Gutenberg University (Germany) and intern in Telefonica R&D.

My current research focuses on ASR, the characterization of human voice, speech processing, DNNs, linguistic laws and the interaction between social sciences, cognitive sciences and statistical physics.

Please feel free to contact me at ivangonzaleztorre (at) gmail.com.